Installed a new post light last week, and could not get the lights to turn off. Replaced photo cell three times. Voltage was correct and line and load was correct. Finally found the problem. Any guesses to what happened?

Here are some guesses:


[*] Did not turn off Power before Connecting Photocell (AKA - Wired it "Hot"),

[*] Did not have the "Light Limiter" slider up far enough (the metallic gizmo which slides over the PC's lens),

[*] Forgot to remove the "Tape" from the Lens after testing it - or (see #4)

[*] Did not remove the protective covering from the lens - if used,

[*] Bad, or non-existent "Neutral" connection to "Common Wire" of Photocell,

[*] Load Current exceeded the max. ratings of the Photocell, forcing it into an Arced closed situation,

[*] Left it in the "Test" mode, or some slider switch setting which relates to motion / light levels, or switch overide,

[*] Photocell was getting hit from something while in operation - like a Tree's Branches blowing in the wind were hitting the Photocell,

[*] Photocell was designed to turn loads "off" when dark, or something in this realm,

[*] Photocell was marked incorrectly - like intended to be used in conjunction with another component, or it was really a motion sensing - "off" or "on" device, or Line/Load incorrectly marked (grasping at straws here)

[*] Lighting Fixture(s) Posessed by a Demon, and Demon has no tolerance for Photo Controlled Apparatii.

Any of these come close?


Scott " 35 " Thompson
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