It's not unreasonable to ask questions. The service writer should take the time to explain or even show what's going on. It's call show and tell. It helps the shop establish credibility from a skeptical customer. Works like this:

They put the car up, take the wheels off and inspect the breaks.

They should mike the drums / rotors unless there is no question. Many shops have the tec write down the readings on a check list or invoice along with the machine to spec.

It is priced out and availibility is checked on parts.

The writer takes the customer on a tour to show what's going on.

The customer signes a work order with the quoted price.

Many times on the invoice or quote it will have a box for the customer to check if they want to see or keep the removed parts.

An undersized rotor is not like a bad switch. A bad switch they just see is was changed and now things work. A bad rotor might not look much different than a good one.

Yes it is great when you can trust the auto shops or who ever your talking about. But the thread was more going about not believing any shop.

My point is it does not hurt to ask. If they would not take the time to show the bad parts or give the reading they should have taken then I would go elcewhere.