I've built a 415v 6kva 3-phase alternator set, powered by two 3hp, in-tandem single ph. 240v motors, to run some renovated antique woodworking machines (only one at a time). It all works fine. The alternator is wired Y (Star) and the machine motors are wired Delta. Do you guys think I should fit a neutral at centre Y at the alternator? and should I ground (earth) it? My neighbour, a dour ex-pat Scot, keeps tut-tutting about it and he's driving me nuts! I cannot see the point-I've got 3 linked breakers on the 3 ph, breakers on both single ph motors, residual current trip (30ma RCD), NVR , the shop has its own copper ground (earth) rod buried 4 ft in wet clay near my well, and I only run the 2 machines on the generator.

Wood work but can't!