I've gota bit of a dumb question, at least in the eyes of some of you pros - but remember that I am only a student.

I am curious as to how I can test current draw on a particular appliance, in this case, a microwave. Now, I have read that soldering can be done with the contacts, getting the test leads hooked up in series with the circuit wires etc. etc. etc....however, I am wondering what is to stop me from simply putting the test leads of my multimeter on the prongs as the current is being drawn and as the appliance is running. Now, this seems to raise a red flag, so I've never done it. Perhaps it's a safety issue. Would this, as least in theory, work?

If not, how do you guys go about actually testing current? Say you are wanting to find out what a motor is drawing and there's no longer a readable label (with wattage/voltage info) on it? I appreciate your answers, as I've always been curious about this.