Hello all,

I have a question about how to bond the cable TV grond to the electrical service ground.

This is a residence and electrical setup is as follows: 3/0 Cu SEC inside of 2" PVC to meter pan directly behind meter pan in garage is 200 AMP main breaker panel. Inside the main breaker panel is where the Grounded Conductor is bonded to the Grounding conductor. This panel contains only a 200 amp main breaker which feeds a sub panel in the basement about 10 feet away the feeder for this panel consists of Neutral 3/0 Cu, and two hot legs each 3/0 Cu and one #4 Cu EGC. In the subpanel the Neutral bus is isolated from the Ground bus.

My question is can I bond the Cable TV ground inside of the subpanel in the basement of the house? Or does this have to also be bonded where the Grounded electrode and Grounding electrode are bonded in the Main Breaker panel inside the garage? It would be convienent to be able to bond the cable tv system ground in the basement panel as there is plenty of room on the ground bus bar.

Sorry for the long post but I think I could use your help on this, reading 250.94 was not very clear on this.

thanks much!