Inspector failed us for receptacles lower than 18" in a residential garage. (They were specd at 12" on drawings approved by city). Inspector walked onto the site and first thing he said was "you're not passing today, your garage receps are too low". He couldn't cite a code reference to the contractor (I wasn't there) and the contractor called the chief inspector who told him he was going to back his inspector. He is citing IRC N1307.3 Appliances having an ignition source shall be elevated such that the source of ignition is not less than 18" above the floor in garages. For the purposes of this section.....[ and saying their interpretation is a power drill plugged into a receptacle could be interpreted as an "appliance having an ignition source". It is BS and his inspector is wrong but they are sticking together to save face. Furthermore they want the original boxes covered with a "listed and approved" vapor proof cover with documentation!!! How does a vapor proof cover seal a plastic Carlon box?? rolleyes and how is it listed to be used on one??

Absolutely ridiculous but I don't know what we can do about it. All the years I prided myself on code knowledge and now I have to deal with a building dept that makes up the rules as they go and enforces opinions and hearsay. mad

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