Is it just me (or my area), but it appears that the level of knowledge and desire to this trade a fallen drastically !

As a Commercial Electrical Inspector I meet more and more "electricians" that just have no desire or "passion" for the trade, it is just a 8 hour a day job. The lack of pride in ones work seems to be going away, and replaced with "who cares it gets covered up anyway".
This attitude leads to the lack of knowledge about the code as well. Seems nobody wants to spend the money on a code book or take the time to learn it.

Some days I swear I should send a bill to the companies owners for Tutoring their employees. A co-worker of mine has gotten to the point of " just hand them the disapproval and leave, let them look it up and figure it out".
I try to explain the issues and go over them in the NEC, if they are willing to listen...........

Not every company is this way, I do deal with some top notch outfits that go above and beyond. it just seems that there are less of these every year............

OK Rant over