Power has been out here for over a week with no end in sight. I have people wanting me to look at their dryer back feed a lot and wanting to know if it is "safe". My first answer is always no but I do get pushed on it. I have looked at a couple, held my nose and said y'all be careful now. Two were simply condemned and I told them to use cords. Both seemed to have neutral connections that were failing some way and I did not want to own any part of it. The first guy I thought was half way safe had the main off covered with duct tape and "NO" written on it with a sharpie and a nice looking SJOW cord with connectors. I still had to explain the term suicide cord.
I am very happy I put in a real transfer interlock and a back feed circuit. My hookup was literally seconds.
I am running on a 5.5 kva set fairly successfully but no AC except in the bedroom. With load Management I can keep the pool blue, run the well and 2 fridges along with the normal general lighting loads. Pretty much all of the GL breakers or on and we are managing what we turn on.
The fuel burn seems to be about 0.6 GPH on gasoline but that jumps up to 0.85 gallon an hour on propane (if the gauge is close).

I really wish there was a company offering an interlock kit for a reasonable price. Most people choke when they see >$100 for a little piece of sheet metal and a couple of guides.

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