Has Anyone seen a Meter extension ring? Wondering why the POCO would put one in when they put in the Smart Meter. I drove around to the other acreages around me, and nobody else has one.
I'm looking into this because i keep hearing 1 second pulses of audible noise out of most electronic devices in my home 1 to 10 times an hour.

[Linked Image from electrical-photos.com]

I got a scope and managed to capture the waveform.
[Linked Image from electrical-photos.com]
Yellow is the top of the Line to Neutral Waveform. Blue is N-Ground.

Anyone ran across this before?
How do smart meters communicate back to the POCO. I assume i'm looking at some type of power line carrier signal. Oscilloscope says it's around 5 Khz (4.24 to 6.58)


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