I have no experience with this item and have not seen it used in a motor controller until today. I was looking at a "blown up" motor controller in the shop today that was used for a large fan motor - 3 phase @ 600V. I don't have a great deal of experience with motor control so I had no clue what I was looking at when I seen a little black plastic block with two leads coming off of it - one from the L2 termination of the O/L's and the other lead went to a terminal strip which then went...somewhere. I never had time to cut the Ty-raps and trace it out. Trying to figure out what the device was wasn't easy since the information on the block was partially charred from the arcing that occurred during the breakdown. Finally I managed to track it down via Google using a couple readable values and the letters "o-c-u-b-e" . It's an Electrocube RC Network. This is the information I found online:


The seasoned journeyman in the shop at the time when I was studying the failed controller didn't know what it was either. He has many more years of experience than I do and is well respected in the shop. So my questions are - how common are RC Networks when it comes to motor control? Is this style of RC Network old tech or still used? Thanks.

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A malfunction at the junction