My understanding is that if a TIA or an Errata is tied to a code it is automatically part of the code. I say this because of the wording in the front of the code. Here it is for the 2011 NFPA 70:

Updating of NFPA Documents
Users of NFPA codes, standards, recommended practices, and guides (“NFPA Documents”) should be aware that
these documents may be superseded at any time by the issuance of new editions or may be amended from time to time
through the issuance of Tentative Interim Amendments. An official NFPA Document at any point in time consists of the
current edition of the document together with any Tentative Interim Amendments and any Errata then in effect. In order
to determine whether a given document is the current edition and whether it has been amended through the issuance of
Tentative Interim Amendments or corrected through the issuance of Errata, consult appropriate NFPA publications such
as the National Fire Codes® Subscription Service, visit the NFPA website at, or contact the NFPA at the
address listed below.

George Little