Did you see this (from a real quick search)

"The 10-32 (10 gauge, 32 threads per inch) is very close to the M5x0.8 mm/thread. The 1/32-inch thread is 0.03125 inch per thread. Multiply by 2.54 cm/inch and you would get 0.794 mm per thread, which may be tolerably close to 0.8 mm of the metric screw. As already noted, the 10-gauge screws major diameter of 0.1891is going to be slightly smaller than 0.19685 of the 5 mm screw (by approximately 8 thousandths). Since a "tight fit" is in the range of 2 thousandths, you will have trouble torquing the wrong sized screw into a 5mm threaded hole or nut. "