In all my days I've never seen any tradesman using safety guards for Baker/ Perry scaffolds.

Instead I witness scaffold surfing -- constantly.

As for EC... they shun them -- preferring scissor lifts, instead.

Simply put, electricians all too often need to get really high -- and the roof slopes -- so adjustable height decides the issue.

The one time I used scaffolds -- a lot -- was as rolling 'office space.' I used them exclusively to lay out minor materials, EMT and fittings -- all at a sweet working height.

I gave up on using them in their intended fashion --- as my boys quickly demonstrated that they were prone to falling off. Too many can't tolerate the motion. It unbalances them and they either fall to their knees or fall off entirely. There's no way to predict who is going to be weak in the knees. It's kind of like sea-sickness, in that way.

BTW, the Chinese version has driven the American producers out of business. It's priced at $200 retail, hereabouts. That's about a fifth of the delivered American product. It's flaky enough that I use it strictly as a materials portage. I don't believe that it's designed to carry heavy Americans -- loaded down with sacks and tools.