Hey SafetyWired; any News regarding the Haunted Lighting System??? shocked

Hopefully there will be minimal bash, cry and mad
from a lot of dunno, making you crazy and requiring aspirin

Avoid mixing coffee and beer, as that will make you confused and tired, and eventually sleep

Ahhh, have not posted a Rebus-Oriented response in Months...
Blame my Wife for the Spontaneous Jolliness, She has been influencing me all day!!!
Neither of us have accomplished very much today - as far as Productive work... however we have accomplished to knock down a great number of items, paperwork is scattered everywhere, cellular devices have gone unanswered (oohhh), and the Cats are very freaked out! Our Duck's demeanor, however, remains unchanged.

Gotta go, as I feel as if someone may throw a Pie at me... oooppps, too late, hit by pie... now I must retaliate!!!

--Scott (EE)

Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!