Originally this temporary trailer was to be used while remodeling was being performed in a section of a building and the remodel has been completed. The facility property is hundreds of acres and has many buildings on the property.

Due to having other construction and future construction even on other buildings on the property they are using 590.3(A) During the Period of Construction to justify the length of time.

The cable cannot be easily identified because of the length of time it has been used in this manner. Not only is the cable acceptable to physical damage, what about the weather elements including being rated for sunlight.

This is being approved by the safety manager, engineering and the other electricians because they are stating engineering and safety are the (AHJ). Their emphasis is on OSHA for safety and 1910.305(a)(2)(v)(C) States: No branch-circuit conductor may be laid on the floor and nothing is mentioned preventing having a feeder on the ground.