Are they selling this in the USA, or did you order it from overseas? if in the USA, they do need to get in compliance with the codes here.

I don't know what's up with UL listings for cabinets, as lots of homes physically construct them as custom during build or remodel. But if the lights underneath get hot, I certainly am concerned. But UL is not doable on custom construction.

They do need to have the outlets every 4 feet. That isn't hard to do.

I do know that aftermarket undercabinet lights do get plugged into the countertop outlets.

I do wonder what inspectors might do for cases where a house is being built with the intent to install attached furnishings that fully cover the walls with built-in lights and outlets that meet code. WHen unattached furniture blocks an outlet, that seems to be OK (even though I think it is bad). But what about attached stuff that will be semi-permanent. The inspector can walk into a kitchen under construction and see NO outlets in the usual places. Plans call for that furnishing to be installed that will make for the right outlets. But that's installed later when other stuff like drywall is done.