This thread is an addition to a thread I posted (Wiring Methods on 8/04.

Does anyone know if LFMC (Type ZHUA) available from Anamet Electrical http://www.anametelectrical.com/ is permitted to use in a plenum enviromental area per 300.22?

It has a zinc core with a pvc jacket that is low smoke, zero halogen TPU jacket that resists heat, oil and chemical breakdown. The sales rep said it conforms to Art 300.22 and it references NEC on the cut sheet.

I will use this cable as a pwr cord that will suspend from a hung ceiling with a hubbell connector on the end. The other end of the cable will go above the clg approx 4ft to a wiring trough. Splice connections in the trough and then EMT to panel board.

Are there any white paper articles that discuss if this type LFMC is allowed per NEC?

Sorry for the lengthy thread and thank you in advance.

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