I've been in study mode lately.
Any questions you have are likely things that I should look up again...

I find that I have problems memorizing (runnin out of space), but once I know the territory, I can re-find the answers I forgot easy enough.
Same with the code.

I remember as an apprenctice trying to memorize... actually all through school in general.... probably why I forget easy.

Tabbing my codebook helped me a lot. I did all the sections except for the ones I don't reference much. I did most of the tables and appendices, and various pages like Voltage Drop calculation etc. Each tab also has a tiny description so I can see what's what.
I actually got that idea from a friend of mine who's an apprentice.
If I knew the benefit at the time, I would have done it right when I started school.

One thing I learned as a practice that helped me a lot with trouble-shooting is start from the Panel. Open the panel and check every breaker for power first. It takes about 5 minutes. Several times I chased an open circuit through 12 devices only to find it ended at a faulty breaker!
Low voltage honers work great for following wires through walls during a trouble-shoot.
Once I used one of those to find a chewed through wire in a spray foamed attic. All of a sudden the signal stopped in one spot.. a little digging... voila... mouse ate through a neutral.

what else...

Did you know that emt can be blown like a trumpet?