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As for WiFi, I won't turn it on. I like wire.

Greg, Do you mean data wires physically run to the devices? I was going to run cat5e over to her work station and then changed my mind and went wireless. So she could use it anywhere in the house. I already had a 4 port router.
I live out in the country and the closest neighbor is about 75 yards from me and they have no network, I think.
If someone were to park in front of my house on the road, they would be at minimum 100' away.

Should I be concerned? And what steps should I take to prevent intrusion? I know nothing about this stuff. I use my PC for financial transactions.
The router itself has a firewall and "Wi-Fi Protected Setup". I have no idea what that means. It also says it has "Trend Micro" security software. I am familiar with Trend Micro. I also have protection on the main PC and the laptop.
I really do appreciate your responses.....John