I was just wondering about something I noticed while looking over 225 of the '08 NEC.

225.21 Multiconductor Cables on Exterior Surfaces of Buildings.
Supports for multiconductor cables on exterior surfaces of buildings shall be as provided in 230.51.

230.51 references,
[A] Service Cables...
[B] Other Cables... not approved for mounting in direct contact with a building...
[C] Individual Open Conductors ... shall be installed in accordance with Table 230.51[C]...

What does this mean if for some reason you need to install 14/3 UF branch circuit wiring on the exterior of a building?
Is it required to be supported as SE cable? Meaning within 12-inches from a raceway or enclosure and then at interval of not more than 30-inches.

Art. 340 doesn't seem to reference support of UF cables other than by cable tray or unless it is being installed as NM cable.
Would using UF outside a building qualify as installing it as NM cable? Since NM wouldn’t be allowed outside.