Hi All,
Now please don't miscontrue this as a sales pitch, as that is not my intention.

I've been using some "skinning" software, for some time, that radically changes the look of not only your desktop but also the whole layout of your browser as well.

I'll upload a screen-cap to show you folks how the latest incantation of this software looks.

I think it cost me US$20 to get the licenses to download certain schemes, but you can get trial ones (14 days) to check out.
I started off with the trial version and bought it outright, this stuff must take a LOT of work to build.

But anyhow, check out Stardock My Colors, I think that there might be a theme in there for most people.

So, if you are sick of the limited colours that Windas XP or Vista hands you, have a crack at this.

Just a heads up, if you are going to download this software, make sure you have M$ NET 2.0 Environment installed on you computer before-hand, if you don't have it pre-installed, the whole download/install will turn to custard and we don't want that.

Good news, it can be found here.