My apprentice... newbie journeyman is leaving to go work for another company. I thought I would give him a cheat sheet with some tricks and tips....but I taught him all I know in the first 10 minutes he worked with me grin

So I thought I would go fishing for some more anybody have a must know tip for up and coming jw they would like to share please post.

I will start the ball rolling:

When making up shared neutral(multi-wire,boats)use a crimpsleeve to ensure accidental opening of neuts by future (sparky's) maintanance,homeowners sometimes we must protect people from themselves. If solid or stranded place crimpsleve on prior to twisting wires together with linemans... twist wires and then lightly crimp, oversize wirenut and bingo. Also as a contractor if your employees follow this tip and you get a call about tv, computers fried you will know if someone has been tinkering where they ought not, since it will take a snip to open.