hey all, I"ve been back home, london ontario, now for about 4 months and have seen some serious diferences in both companies and codes. When i was living and working in Arizona, i learned the NEC very well, aced all of my exams while in an apprenticeship. But now moving back I'm almost floored with some of the code differences. Like I'm not even joking I've had my co-workers just laugh when i'm doing underground or even resi work. For instance i can't even count the number of times i've seen no ground in emt because " technically there is a ground with the metal conduit". Quite honestly i wouldn't trust it alone.
Maybe it's just me but the company that i came from, before deportation, did everything to the nth degree, know i get the wierdest looks for going over kill.
But that's not to say I haven't been learning the CEC version aswell.
How's this for a laugh though, after my interview i asked for the latest edition of the CEC, I was told you wouldn't need it because you going to be a probie for 3 months anyways. i laughed my ass off and still asked later for it.