Sorry if I am late on this but it points out a problem my wife always complained about in the house building biz. Why do trades try to patch around a problem and not just tell someone the first time they see it?

Her classic example was a house she was walking for another super.
The original problem was a truss misplaced, it left a 2x4 sticking out in a corner. The drywaller drywalled around this protrusion, the trim carpenter did a beautiful job of boxing it with crown and the painters painted it. Nobody said "what is this board doing here? None of the other 100 houses we built had it". Something that might have been a 30 second problem became a major repair because nobody said anything. If these trimmers or drywall guys had pointed out your box placements were a problem the fix would have been easy.
She even went as far as to reward people who pointed out a problem that was not in their trade.

Greg Fretwell