from top to bottom:

Paulding porcelain 3way switch (Rescued from a dumpster in Missouri)
Paulding single pole toggle switch (from same dumpster)
Hubbel tandem blade plug (bought in a box of stuff here in AR)
Two METEOR branded Y taps (One bought here in AR, the other pulled from the dumpster in MO)
The tiny switch was odd to me, At first I thought it was a despard type, but it is too big for a bar, The back label is in japanese, but rated for 10A at 250VAC.
Crude composite(?) Monowatt Y tap with two receptacles (Bought in a thrift store, center contact in righthand socket is blown off, but still gives proper contact. Outlets have some bite left in em!)
Edison base to 2 prong adaptor (Pulled from MO dumpster as well)
Arrow Edison base to receptacle plug (box of stuff)
METEOR Side tapped splitter (Same thrift store as Monowatt splitter)

I'm always finding great stuff around here. The two PAULDING switches are still good too! As is the small japanese switch.

Cliff S

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