Any of you guys try to price new homes by the square foot? I'm trying to come up with a square foot price for basic electrical wiring according to code.

Would you figure it by the square foot area of habitable heated floor space, or by the total measured floor space from the dimensions of the home?

I'm bidding on a new house, below are the sq ft areas...

The first floor is 2340sq ft, 2nd is 2744sq ft and a finished basement of 1040sq ft. The garage is 26' x 34' for 884sq ft and a future attic of 800 sq ft. Also there is 1300 sq ft of unfinished basment area (2340 minus 1040)

1st + 2nd + basement= 6124sq ft of finished area...

So, I estimate the house will take 300 man hours to wire and $6000 in material for basic electrical to code.With a man hour rate of $65 an hour plus $6000 material, I have $25500 for the basic price without extras.

$25500 divided by 6124 sq ft = $4.16 per square foot.

What do ya think?