About a month ago the weekly engineering news paper here in Sweden had a question what would happen if you put a live mains voltage cable in the bath. The question posed to the readers was: Will it kill you?

I wrote in to answer: It may.
(I'll leave out the rest here, but Mike Holt had a good explanation) Anyway, my answer got published. In it, I clearly warned the reader from putting it to the test.

A reader didn't believe me and decided to put the theory to the test. It turns out I was right in that the current will flow through your body. Fortunately for this guy, he escaped unharmed. Unfortunately, he went on to write a letter to the paper in which he tells that it is not dangerous to do this. After all, he survived... "The current in the water is only a few hundred milliamps" [Linked Image]

I'll admit he went about it in a scientfic manner, measuring the current and voltage, but I also think his experiment was a good attempt at a Darwin award.

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