I live reasonably close to Strangford Lough in the north of Ireland. It has a narrow mouth and funnels millions of gallons of tidal water at speeds up to 14Km/hr. It has always impressed me as an ideal location for an underwater, environmentally benign turbine plant. You cannot fail to be impressed by the power of the water that ebbs and flows here in the tidal cycle. The experience of power is especially enhanced when you are aboard a 200HP fishing boat that barely makes way! However, they are doing some experimental work with the bedrock to ensure that the turbine can be anchored securely. Apparently the turbine is to be fitted with huge blades much like a wind turbine. This surprised me somewhat since I perceived water turbines to be more of a funnel device. Are blades the usual method?
Disappointingly, the turbine is to power only the equivalent of 600 houses.


lyle dunn