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Posted By: pauluk Busy on project - 03/28/05 09:05 AM
To all,

If you've noticed that I haven't posted quite so much the last week or two, it's because I've been busy working on a programming project.

I've been checking through the threads (mustn't neglect my moderator duties! [Linked Image] ), but just haven't had so much time free to respond to things as much as usual.

So if anyone has asked me something specific and not received a reply, my apologies for missing the question, and please feel free to point me to the thread with a reminder.

I should have the programming finished by the end of this week, all being well. [Linked Image]
Posted By: Hutch Re: Busy on project - 03/28/05 02:52 PM
Best of luck Paul.

BTW be careful not to drop your punch cards ! [Linked Image]
Posted By: Trumpy Re: Busy on project - 03/29/05 01:02 AM
No worries there Paul, I had an idea you might be busy at something. [Linked Image]
LOL Hutch! [Linked Image]
Posted By: pauluk Re: Busy on project - 03/29/05 12:35 PM
I'm actually about done now, just going to leave it a day or two and then go back and do my final thorough testing to make sure there are no nasty bugs around!

It's actually a database for a local automotive parts shop. The boss decided it was time to get their stock control computerized. Somebody down there is going to have the fun job of entering about 8000 items into the system!

BTW be careful not to drop your punch cards !
LOL! Don't worry, I'm using slightly more modern storage methods.

Now where did I put that roll of 1-inch paper punch-tape? [Linked Image]
Posted By: Hutch Re: Busy on project - 03/29/05 05:34 PM
10,000 entries. I remember when ...

Well done Bill, Paul etc. !!!
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