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Posted By: Admin Violation Photos II - 08/05/05 04:52 AM
These were taken at the pizza parlor around the corner from my house.. they serve the best pizza in town, but the wiring leaves a little to be desired.

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Posted By: pauluk Re: Violation Photos II - 08/05/05 11:02 AM
Bozo's Electrical Code, article 99.243:

(1). Where the installation of a proper electrical box and fixed cabling will prove to be either (a) too expensive or (b) too much trouble, it shall be permitted to install any type of cord with minimal support.

(2). Any such cord so installed shall be connected to existing building wiring using splices which shall be left open to allow for air-cooling and visual inspection.


"Too expensive": The estimated cost of following the NEC will exceed $5.

"Too much trouble": The estimated time to complete the job following NEC rules will exceed 10 minutes.

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Posted By: John Crighton Re: Violation Photos II - 08/05/05 05:37 PM
Is there an actual code violation in the first picture, or is it just showing what the cable goes to?
Posted By: SolarPowered Re: Violation Photos II - 08/06/05 12:46 AM
I'm thinking the conduit body supporting the fixture is a violation.
Posted By: techie Re: Violation Photos II - 08/06/05 01:19 AM
My thought was that the conduit body was being used as a j-box, which I don't think is kosher..
Posted By: e57 Re: Violation Photos II - 08/06/05 06:50 AM
410.16F The EMT doesn't seem to be supporting the fixture very well, i.e. sag. One could also read in some of 314.23F. RMC would be better choice, that is if the c-codulette is rated to have splices in it.

The other stuff is just crack shack type garbage.
Posted By: Alan Belson Re: Violation Photos II - 08/06/05 09:32 AM
What's a crack shack!? Hopefully not a bordello, methinks!
Posted By: e57 Re: Violation Photos II - 08/06/05 04:50 PM
Crack Shack: See Crack House

Crack House: An establishment of some kind where people make, deal and smoke crack cocaine. This could be a house, an apartment, or a shack to name a few, similar to a coke house.“You can always find a dealer at the crack house.”

"All the crack heads go to that crack house to smoke."

"The police raided a huge crack house and confiscated over 1000 rocks!"
Source Urban Dictionary
Posted By: renosteinke Re: Violation Photos II - 08/06/05 06:37 PM
The use of a conduit body at the base of the light brings up an interesting "loophole."
We can assume that splicing in this body is OK. Oddly enough, had they used a box, they would have had to support it. Conduit bodies have no such requirement.
Posted By: wa2ise Re: Violation Photos II - 08/08/05 12:45 AM
In the 3rd picture, where the yellow cord enters the sawed off conduit and conduit body, it looks like the stripped off cord jacket is clamped under the conduit body cover. As if he was trying to do that for strain relief to protect the connections inside. Of course he didn't quite meet code....
Posted By: techie Re: Violation Photos II - 08/08/05 12:59 AM
The cable is romex.. note how it manages to stay up, even though it is only supported by one staple at each end (pictures 4 and 5)
The paper filler is what you see poking out of the conduit body.
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