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Posted By: RobbieD Rewire Knob and tube - 01/02/07 12:32 AM
Hi, this is a question for guys in Ontario. I just moved to Ontario this year from out east so I am a bit unsure on the answer.

My brother just bought an older house that has 4 circuits that are still knob and tube. He wants to get a homeowners permit to change these circuits to loomex. I would of course help him with this since I am an electrician and he is my brother.

Since there will be no messing with the service, could he just change the circuits that are knob to loomex and thats it?


Would he have to rewire to make the whole house up to todays standards? ie.arc faults, smoke detectors, splits.

Also, is it a requirement to use the coloured loomex for identifying the circuits here in Ontario?

I ask because in NS if you change the service you have to bring the whole house up to standard. But here there is no messing with the service so I thought I would check.

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Posted By: BuildingHomes Re: Rewire Knob and tube - 01/02/07 05:12 AM
How did he get a reasonable insurance rate for a house that had K&T wiring?

You can ask the ESA directly for your questions:
Posted By: barf Re: Rewire Knob and tube - 01/02/07 03:41 PM
The NFPA has information for aging wiring.
Posted By: jdevlin Re: Rewire Knob and tube - 01/02/07 08:44 PM
You do not have use the color coded cable.
If start rewiring a room then you must bring the room up to code with the proper number and placement of receptacles, AFCI, GFCI etc.
Posted By: RobbieD Re: Rewire Knob and tube - 01/02/07 10:00 PM
Thanks. I know I could ask ESA but I figured I would use the forum. Doesn't seem to be much action on the Canadian section here so I posted a question to get things going.
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