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Another scam product?

Posted By: schenimann

Another scam product? - 09/24/08 01:21 AM

I was eating at Chili's last week and the waitress saw my electrical work shirt. She is trying to sell these and wanted to know if I would be interested in installing them. I'm not really interested, but has anyone tried these or something like them?
Posted By: EV607797

Re: Another scam product? - 09/24/08 02:56 AM

First red flag: Misspelled word (Licenced) vs: Licensed on their Web page.

Second red flag: "Power conditioning" without a true input and output? Yeah, OK.

I think that it is just a box full of MOVs, if there is anything inside it at all. Snake oil for sure. If it was that good, they wouldn't have to resort to waitresses handing out cards for their boyfriend's new way to pay the rent.

Yeah, you can scare people into buying these if you want to. Rest assured that the nickels and dimes that people might think they are saving will take decades to justify the expense. Like people who play the lottery every day, there is a very good chance that they will spend more money than they save.

Want to save money on your electric bill? Reduce consumption. NO magic box can do this for you.
Posted By: dougwells

Re: Another scam product? - 09/24/08 06:06 AM

This item seems to be the fastest growing multi level marketing product since Amway smile
Kidding aside there is youtube videos on that item and even our ECN chat has been targeted with guys trying to sell that Item
Posted By: mikesh

Re: Another scam product? - 09/24/08 04:31 PM

Licenced is not mis-spelled except in the US. Have a look at the Oxford dictionary. Just another case of the US not liking the rule and making their own to suit. wink
As for the box, it is at best a filter for power factor correction and in a house they are not going to save much if anything. I can't imagine the utility applying a penalty for poor power factor to a house.
More snake oil promising something for nothing.
Posted By: ghost307

Re: Another scam product? - 09/24/08 05:55 PM

When I look at their "Specifications" sheet, it's just a 16 page ad that has questions and answers on it.
IMHO, this thing is 100% carp...and I don't mean the fish.
Posted By: Zapped

Re: Another scam product? - 09/26/08 01:08 PM

Garbage. A couple of LEDs in a shiny box. Why didn't I think of that?
Posted By: twh

Re: Another scam product? - 09/28/08 01:38 AM

It has a 30 microfarad capacitor. That's got to be worth something. I've been tossing the capacitors when I change ballasts on M.H. fixtures. I should have been putting cords on them and selling them as power factor correction.
Posted By: trevman

Re: Another scam product? - 10/04/08 07:53 AM

a better idea is to put in a system where people can look on their computer and see how much hydro or gas their using and monitor whats on or running Ithink homeqwners would like that.
Posted By: sparky

Re: Another scam product? - 11/17/08 01:16 AM

i can do shiny LED's, i just can't market them well....~S~
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