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Posted By: watersparkfalls well controller - 08/27/05 04:51 PM
my boss had a 1HP franklin well controller he wanted to use to replace a 1/2 HP well pump motor. i did what he asked but the well would not pump with this controller. i told him that we needed to get a 1/2 HP controller because they were different ratings, to which he told me that the well guys at the wholesale house said it is ok to go up HP on controller just not down(makes sense theorhetically). but after troubleshooting everything else pressure switch, disconnect, power from panel, capcitor. he broke down and got a new controller 1/2 HP and wool-ahh it worked.
not wanting to gloat i told him perhaps the electronic starter was bad in the 1 HP to which he agreed.
anyway my question is this "can you use a 1 HP controller for a 1/2 HP well pump?" in which case it truly was just a bad starter in a brand new controller.

any thoughts?

Posted By: iwire Re: well controller - 08/27/05 05:20 PM
Sure, as long as the overload settings match the pump.

Regardless of those settings the pump would run it just would not shut the motor down if overloaded.
Posted By: sierra electrician Re: well controller - 08/27/05 05:43 PM
The Start & Run Capcitors are in the Franklin box. Perhaps they are different sizes for the HP ratings.

Posted By: iwire Re: well controller - 08/27/05 05:52 PM
That would change my opinion, then I would say you must use the right box.
Posted By: sabrown Re: well controller - 08/29/05 02:27 PM
Though the 1 and the 1.5 HP Franklin Submersibles use the same starter, the 0.5 HP is definitely different and yes the start and run capacitors are in the controller box (overloads also).
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