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Posted By: togol

UBB code - 03/11/07 03:49 PM

does anyone have the code that can used used to shorten some of the very long URLs that get pasted in the messages?

IOW, is there a way to just use a highlighted keyword to go to a link instead of having the page expand towards Europe ?
Posted By: Theelectrikid

Re: UBB code - 03/11/07 05:22 PM

Ian A.
Posted By: Roger

Re: UBB code - 03/11/07 05:45 PM

Togol, go here to shorten URL's

Ian's link will help you with the rest of your question.


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Posted By: togol

Re: UBB code - 03/11/07 08:03 PM

like this.......
Posted By: togol

Re: UBB code - 03/11/07 08:08 PM

it would seem so..

Thanks Kid,

Roger I'm having some trouble at your link
I'll keep tryin
Posted By: Roger

Re: UBB code - 03/11/07 08:13 PM

Togol, it seems I remember having trouble there before also, try this one

Posted By: togol

Re: UBB code - 03/11/07 10:12 PM

Thanks again Roger, I will give that a go shortly. drat, it seems that my Mac will not work with that link ...
I do have html code for long strings, but I can't use it here, but
the info from Ian helped a great deal...I always knew the UBB stuff was in here just too lazy to use some of it


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Posted By: Theelectrikid

Re: UBB code - 03/11/07 11:13 PM

Tom, first off, You're welcome.

Second off, what browser are you using? I couldn't get on Camino, Firefox or Safari, but worked on all three.

OS 10.3.9, Safari 1.0

Ian A.
Posted By: pauluk

Re: UBB code - 03/12/07 10:43 AM

You can also avoid the problem by simply putting an abbreviated version or some other text within the part of the code which displays on the screen.

For example:

{URL=Link to page on somesite.zzz}http://www.somesite.zzz/this_is_a_very_long_address_ which_would_otherwise_go_right_off_the_screen.html{/URL}

I've used { and } on the tags so that you can actually see what to type. When doing this for real you need to use square brackets: [ ]
Posted By: togol

Re: UBB code - 03/12/07 12:16 PM

Ian ,
it's an old Mac with the Classic 9.2 and IE 5.. and I just got the html code for the other forum I hang out in after all these years but after your nudge to look at the UBB page again...the light finally came on. like I said, I was just too lazy in the past

Hey I like the new preview button,
Posted By: togol

Re: UBB code - 03/12/07 12:24 PM


I think that's what I did in my practice shot earlier. I don't post that much, but I do get frustrated with some links that cause the whole post to sprawl across the screen into the next county and I wanted to avoid that problem with my posts.
of course
I Thank You for your help as well.

Posted By: Theelectrikid

Re: UBB code - 03/12/07 09:39 PM

Gotcha Tom.

I like that you can use HTML in the photo areas now.

Ian A.
Posted By: jdevlin

Re: UBB code - 03/12/07 10:55 PM

Or you can just click the little URL icon below the box when you are creating a post or reply. It only appears on the FULL REPLY form.
Posted By: ITO

Re: UBB code - 03/13/07 01:29 PM


[url=http://www.obnoxiously_long_url_involving_every_charictar_on_the keyboard_at_least_three_times]Nice Short Link[/url]   
Link should look like this: Nice Short Link
Posted By: togol

Re: UBB code - 03/13/07 04:14 PM


Talk about serendipity,
I wait all these months to ask this UBB question and because I'm such a nice guy, Mr. Bill upgrades the whole thing and adds a little button to do just that. cool

I 'can't wait to see the bill
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