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Grounding at Panel...

Posted By: Cinner

Grounding at Panel... - 09/11/06 05:40 PM

When the power authority company brings you the cables for a residence, they bring 2 hots and a the white wire grouded back from where it is fed or is it just the center point of a transformer...I was thinking of the possibilty of grounding the wire twice and the causes of that...circulating currents?
Posted By: gfretwell

Re: Grounding at Panel... - 09/11/06 07:21 PM

Yes the PoCo does ground the neutral.
There are parallel currents all over the place on the line side of the service disconnect and the NEC is silent on it. That is NESCland and they don't care.
I can see about an amp of "neutral" current on my ground electrode conductor and a similar amount on the ground wire going up the pole outside.
Posted By: pauluk

Re: Grounding at Panel... - 09/12/06 10:05 AM

We have several different grounding arrangements here, but the the neutral is always grounded at source by the power company.

Our PME / TN-C-S system is the most like standard American practice, and has the neutral re-grounded locally at the service entrance, so we can have parallel neutral paths line-side of the meter too.
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