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Quality control? What's that?!

Posted By: pauluk

Quality control? What's that?! - 05/14/05 06:16 PM

This is supposedly a regular automotive stop/tail lamp bulb, a European equivalent of the #1157. The make is Gerlux, which I've never heard of before. A whole box of them were like this.

Looks O.K. from this angle with the offset locating pins:

[Linked Image]

But when you look at it end-on....... [Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: hbiss

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/14/05 11:51 PM

Are you sure they aren't supposed to be that way? I know in the US lamps like the #1157 have the pins directly opposite or 180 deg apart. Maybe european sockets are different?

Posted By: Alan Belson

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/15/05 07:31 AM

That's a Chinese misprint, Paul. It should read "Bolux".
Posted By: pauluk

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/15/05 09:31 AM

Maybe european sockets are different?
The British/European bulbs are the same fitting as American physically. The only notable differences between them and the #1157 are:

1. The silver-colored base instead of plain brass.

2. "E" approval marks instead of SAE/DOT.

3. The filaments are rated slightly lower than U.S. bulbs -- 21 and 5 watts

Actually that last point is interesting because this Gerlux bulb is stamped 21/4 watts. I've never seen that before. Very strange.
Posted By: Trumpy

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/15/05 09:35 AM

It's not that convincing Paul.
I'd have to side with Alan here.
Personally I stick with the Delco brand of Auto lamps.
That or Hella. [Linked Image]
Posted By: pauluk

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/15/05 11:25 PM

There's a lot of European Ring brand bulbs around in the stores here these days. We still have Lucas, as well.

There was a time in the 1950s/60s/70s when just about every British-made car was fitted with Lucas electrical equipment, from lights to switches, to dynamo regulators.
Posted By: wa2ise

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/15/05 11:45 PM

The oddball spaceing of the pins would make that bulb fit only one way into its socket. If the pins were 180 degress apart, then the bulb could fit the socket in two possible ways. If the filaments are different wattages, the car manufacturer wants the brighter filament for one purpose (say turn signal) and the other filament for some other use (say running lights).

Sounds like someone supplied your supplier with the wrong inventory....
Posted By: pauluk

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/15/05 11:58 PM

The regualr #1157 (or equivalent) has the pins 180 degrees apart, but it still fits only one way because of the offset in the other plane which you can see in the first photo.

(Or at least on decent J-slot sockets it fits only one way -- On some of those no-brand trailer light assemblies with the el-cheapo holders you can actually fit them the wrong way round.)
Posted By: NORCAL

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/16/05 05:02 AM

Isnt Lucas' nickname "The Prince Of Darkness"? Heard the reason the Brits drink warm beer is, that they have Lucas refrigeraters. [Linked Image]
Posted By: George Corron

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/16/05 10:05 AM

Having been the owner of BSA, and Triumph motorcycles, I can personally affirm that Lusas is indeed the "Prince of Darkness". Both brands have left me hanging, and I've personally designed and threw away the stock wiring harnesses for ones I built out of scrap wire brought home from work, and learned how to substitute ANYTHING for the Lucas components.
Posted By: Alan Belson

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/16/05 11:42 AM

Real Ale in a refrigerator! No! no! niddle-naddle-noddle noo! cluck! cluck!
Carefully conditioned in oak casks, kept in a cellar at 51F. Low gas, so you can drink pints of the stuff without inflating the stomach with CO2. Aquired taste of course, not to everyones' liking. A 'Lucas' refrigerator, would keep the flies out I suppose, (provided the door hasn't fallen off yet), even if the chiller is busted. And I can get the real stuff here- got an English brewery just up country!
Posted By: jooles

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/16/05 12:18 PM

Is not it better to just rely on Ricard and good wine, round your part of the world? Leave the beer-making to Belgians and you won't need to worry about it any more [Linked Image]
Posted By: Alan Belson

Re: Quality control? What's that?! - 05/16/05 05:56 PM

It would be churlish to disparage those good Belgian beers, I'm sure they are quite excellent. I believe I once saw a raspberry-flavoured one. However, what could compare with a Summer's Afternoon, a pint of Golden 'Olde Stun'em' in hand, following play at a village cricket match. Fourteen white-flanneled men on the field. You could count all twenty eight of 'em after a few good pulls. 'Stun 'em' was the finest and deadliest brew in all of Gloucestershire, taking the enamel off your teeth and the varnish off the bar, yet tasting innocuous with its hints sunlit-orchards, malt and finest hops. Two pints of 'Stun'em' was enough to send hardened drinkers at 'shut-tap' reeling towards home backwards, usually to pass the rest of the night peacefully unconscious and upside-down in a hedge. To ask the Landlord, Jummy Simmons, of the 'New Inn' at Shortstanding, for a Second Pint was to elicit a Strong Warning. "Thou's 'ad One. Thic be Strung stuff, old buttee!" 'Stun'em' also got your legs inebriated first. In your Windsor-chair by the fire in the Snug, sober as a judge, up you get for your round. Suddenly your legs are off in another direction entirely, driving you relentlessly into a wall or the coat-rack.
Oh, to be in England now the cricket has started!
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