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Posted By: maintenanceguy Do you pull your own meters? - 05/08/05 06:45 PM
What's the POCO's policy and how is it really handled around the country. If you need power disconnected from the main do you always call the utility to pull the meter or just do it yourself and just install it yourself when you're done.

If you do it yourself, have you ever gotten any heat for it?
Posted By: Active 1 Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/08/05 06:50 PM
We pull the meter. No problem with POCO.

If we scheduled a disconect with a weeks notice for 8:00 am they have show up at 1:30. Power Co could be managed better.

Posted By: Dnkldorf Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/08/05 08:53 PM
It pays to make a phone call, some POCOs here don't care, others will fine you if you pull the meter.
Posted By: Larry Fine Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/08/05 10:00 PM
I always pay a visit to the site ahead of time, because the POCO sometimes installs locks on meters, probably for chronic non-payers and/or meter bypassers.

If it's a regular wire tag, I just cut them, and know that the POCO will replace it when they install the new service cable, and lateral or drop if needed.
Posted By: nov Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/08/05 10:43 PM
We pull the meters unless it is a PSE&G they have put barrel locks on just about all of there meter pans. In NJ we do the tie ins hot. So if I do an emergency service I will pull the meter install the new service and put the meter back into a new meter pan. I will then hang the cut tag back on the meter. Then we have four days to file a permit, but thats only if it was an emergency.

Does anyone know of an easy way to remove the barrel locks?
Posted By: BigB Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/09/05 12:18 AM
"Does anyone know of an easy way to remove the barrel locks?"

A four inch grinder works pretty good.
Posted By: nesparky Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/09/05 01:24 AM
For service panel replacement or other work requiring the meter to be pulled, we just cut the tag, turn off the main and pull the meter. A permit is required for the new permanent hook up. If we change out the mast for overhead we hook it back up hot. Underground we have to get the POCO out to unlock the transformer and drop the power. The POCO here is usually good about it if you call a couple of days in advance.
Posted By: Local Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/09/05 03:31 AM
The locking meter rings can be pulled with an allen wrench. You fiddle until you find just the right size allen to jam in the hole. Wiggle and twist and it pops right off. Just as easy to get back on. Just a matter of fiddling.

If a meter needs to come off I will pull it with or with out the POCO. I would much rather pay a fine then work on something that needs to be off for safety. Everywhere I've worked in South and North California has issues with getting the POCO out in a reasonable amount of time. So I say screw them.
Posted By: Ryan_J Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/09/05 12:51 PM
Guys, please be careful and safe when doing this. The 2005 expanded the requirement for arc flash protection warnings (110.16) to meter socket enclosures because of the accidents occuring in feild with this practice.

Pleae be safe
Posted By: DougW Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/09/05 01:48 PM
ComEd (our PoCo) only requires a call when the meter has a lock ring. Meters and cutting drops are up to us. Not sure what the "official" policy on reconnection is - the rep for my area asked me if I was comfortable connecting - told her yes - she told me to use a bug and they'd crimp it later if needed. She said a crew could come out, but as Tom (Active1) said, "somedtime Wednesday" isn't a real good time management strategy.

Otherwise, we notify as needed, and then call for re-connect / new drop for upgrade once inspected and passed by AHJ.

BTW - FR coat, hard hat w/ faceshield and Class 1 gloves (fiberglass ladder if "working up").
Posted By: highvoltageguy Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/09/05 03:16 PM
Maintenceguy... you should contact the POCO in the area your working at and ebstablish who you are with them, they very well could let you pull the meter without a fine, but if that tag on the meter is tampered with someone going to answer for possible electric thief, if not you the homeowner is. also you do need to be aware that the power company dont follow NEC, meaning there not a fuse out there to just protect the meter your working on, the POCO fuses to protect there transformer that could be serving more loads then the meter your at. so you need to be aware of that. every POCO has different standards and policies, most very simular, but you need to get there standards book.
Posted By: highground Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/10/05 12:05 AM
We are not allowed to pull meters. They all have a "Barrel Lock". I would love to have a key for emergencies. An allen wrench won't do it.

I asked a guy at the fire department and they don't have keys, that doesn't seem right does it?

It's a small Coop and there are only two linemen and sometimes they are both out of town.
Posted By: harold endean Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/10/05 12:20 AM
PSE&G use to use a special barrel key that only they could use. I haven't worked in their area for a while now, but I don't think that they changed their locks since then. Also there are brand new meters out now that are hooked up to the POCO, (By telco, wireless or broadband) so that they can turn on (and turn off) the power right over the air for people who don't pay their bills.
Posted By: highground Re: Do you pull your own meters? - 05/10/05 01:25 AM
Yeah our meters are read over the lines via RF. We have a time of use program and they say that they are going to have the capability to switch the time of use loads (hot water and ETS heat) from their end to manage demand. Sounds a little to big brother to me.
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