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Posted By: Active 1 Floor Heat - 02/06/05 05:52 PM
We have a bathroom with the tile floor heating comming up. We done them before but was wondering somthing. If the tile guys leave way to much heating wire in your box can it be cut to fit? Or does that case problems with the resistancee? Can it be put in the box or will the box get too hot. Do we just need to make sure the tilers use up the extra wire in the floor and not the box?

If I remember on 1 mat there are 2 leads with a metal sheald. The shield would be grounded?

Posted By: caselec Re: Floor Heat - 02/06/05 06:07 PM
The heating leads should never leave the floor. The non-heating leads can be cut as desired and yes the shield should be connected to the EGC.

Posted By: Active 1 Re: Floor Heat - 02/06/05 09:39 PM
OK. So the leads going to the controler don't heat up.
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