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Posted By: NJ Wireman Happy Holidays - 12/24/04 03:27 PM
Wishing you and your's a safe and happy holiday season. Be safe, don't drink and drive and by all means God Bless.

NJ Wireman & Family
Posted By: capt al Re: Happy Holidays - 12/24/04 03:47 PM
To all here I also wish you and your family a happy & merry holiday season.
Posted By: Wirenuttt Re: Happy Holidays - 12/24/04 08:55 PM
I wish everyone a very merry merry Christmas and God bless.

Posted By: dryden_burton Re: Happy Holidays - 12/24/04 09:03 PM
yes, MERRY CRISTMAS to all
Posted By: mxslick Re: Happy Holidays - 12/24/04 11:01 PM

Season's greetings from Tony and Gizmo the electric cat....
Posted By: e57 Re: Happy Holidays - 12/25/04 01:20 AM
Seasons Greetings from the Heller Family.
Posted By: harold endean Re: Happy Holidays - 12/25/04 02:47 AM
To all on this website, my family wishes all the best for a great Holiday to you and yours and a Very Happy New Year.


P.S. Lets say a little prayer for all those fighting for our freedom in or on other soils. Lets hope that they all get back here safe.
Posted By: Theelectrikid Re: Happy Holidays - 12/25/04 02:49 AM
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night!

Ian Anderson
Posted By: ga.sparky56 Re: Happy Holidays - 12/25/04 02:50 AM
Merry Christmas to Ya'll,and Amen Harold.

Posted By: LK Re: Happy Holidays - 12/25/04 03:45 AM
Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday to All

Posted By: electure Re: Happy Holidays - 12/25/04 12:45 PM
Best wishes for a great and safe Holiday.
Thank you all for being here.
Posted By: pauluk Re: Happy Holidays - 12/25/04 08:30 PM
Well, I hope everyone has had -- or is still enjoying -- a wonderful Christmas day.

It's now 8:30 pm here in England, and the turkey and Christmas pudding are still being digested as I type! With any luck the effects of the brandy butter will have worn off by the time I need to drive on Monday! [Linked Image]

We were being told we might get a white Christmas. Closest I've seen here was Bing on TV this afternoon -- It's been sunny most of the day.
Posted By: Bill Addiss Re: Happy Holidays - 12/25/04 09:33 PM
Merry Christmas to All!

I hope everyone has time to spend with loved ones this weekend.

Posted By: circuit man Re: Happy Holidays - 12/25/04 11:54 PM
like to wish all a safe & happy holiday season!
Posted By: Northbayec Re: Happy Holidays - 12/26/04 12:37 AM
I would like to wish everybody a happy holiday season and safe journeys to all that are traveling this season.
Posted By: sandsnow Re: Happy Holidays - 12/26/04 02:01 AM
Merry Christmas
Have a great Holiday Season
I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year
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