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Posted By: electure Pushmatic Split Buss - 07/16/04 01:49 AM
From an e-mail I received:
I have a sixteen circuit panel (Pushmatic Electri Center)that has the MAIN located about 1/3 of the way down the box. There are six circuits above it, that stay live when the MAIN is tripped. The ten below the main all go dead. Is there a way to move the MAIN to the top of the panel, and open up these additional circuits, so it's safe?
The main mount to the bar looks to be very unique!?
How was this ever approved in the past, or do you think someone moved it there?
Anything you can tell me about this box would be appreciated!

Bob Stubbs
Posted By: Electricman Re: Pushmatic Split Buss - 07/16/04 02:59 AM
I do beleive this was what used to be called a slit buss panel. If the breakers above the main do not exceed the six disconnect rule it is legal for this set up. We still find a few of these panel in use in our area.
Posted By: tomselectrc Re: Pushmatic Split Buss - 07/16/04 11:20 AM
I'm sure you can't move the main on the buss,but you can put a main ahead of the panal.
Posted By: DetroiterRob Re: Pushmatic Split Buss - 07/17/04 03:00 AM
yup, thats exactaly the way mine is, thers 5 disc above the main, then i think 12 or 14 below, speaking of pushmatics, i just had to replace the dp for the dryer, it kept tripping although it wasnt overloaded, i guess it just wore out, that breaker cost almost 60 bucks...
Posted By: Electricman Re: Pushmatic Split Buss - 07/17/04 06:07 PM
Hey DetroiterRob I had a double pole 100 as a main go bad in a panel a few weeks ago and our cost was 130.00 it's almost cost effective to replace the whole panel if you have a couple of breakers go bad.
Posted By: DetroiterRob Re: Pushmatic Split Buss - 07/17/04 08:20 PM
Ouch...... i would love to get rid of the pushmatics, and all the old bx(1920's) and get everthing up to code here, and in the other 2 residences on the property....but id doubt thatll ever happen
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