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Cu cable prices

Posted By: pauluk

Cu cable prices - 03/06/04 07:34 PM

The subject of fluctuations in copper prices came up in the ECN chatroom the other night. At the time, I'd not noticed anything out of the ordinary, and in fact I'd just received a new catalog from my usual supplier.

I went down there Friday, however, and was told that they now have a daily price for cable due to vast fluctuations in prices from the manufacturer.

A 100m reel of 2.5 sq. mm. 2-core & ground which was listed in the week-old catalog at £13.79 was suddenly up to £16.39 plus tax.

Looks like the Cu price problem has now reached the U.K.
Posted By: Jim M

Re: Cu cable prices - 03/07/04 05:10 AM

12-2 w grd NM-B went from 24.90 to 30.90 in one day at the local Big Orange. Sure makes it hard to price a job.
Posted By: Attic Rat

Re: Cu cable prices - 03/07/04 03:32 PM

...After buying 3000 ft. of Romex for a job,I noticed the was $82.68 for 1000' of 14-2,and the new price was $122.70... I was mad, and went back to my supplier and complained..He told me about the hike and said its gonna get even worse..He gave me a "one time only" deal,and lowered the rates on the reels of Romex back to it's original price...We gotta start chargin' more, guys!!!
Posted By: :andy:

Re: Cu cable prices - 03/07/04 11:16 PM

50m of NYM 3*1,5mm² solid, our standard cable, is available in Home improvement stores for €9.95 or so (noname cable). The ones with brand names are more expensive.
Posted By: Sir Arcsalot

Re: Cu cable prices - 03/07/04 11:30 PM

I stopped in at the "big orange" store a couple of days ago and was also quite stunned at the hike (YEEEEOUCH!). Is the hike due to the escalating fuel costs for transport, or other factors? I thought the skyrocketing oil prices were due to the fact that it's an election year here [Linked Image] but COPPER prices?

It's a head-scratcher to me.
Posted By: walrus

Re: Cu cable prices - 03/07/04 11:34 PM

The reasons I've heard are China. Big time boom going on with lots of pressure to build, build, build. It isn't just copper but all materials related to construcion.
Posted By: golf junkie

Re: Cu cable prices - 03/08/04 12:00 AM

Steel is also going up. Watch your conduit prices.

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