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New Code Quiz for August

Posted By: Admin

New Code Quiz for August - 08/05/02 12:59 PM

For those that may not be familiar; each month we produce a Code Quiz with the help of Mike Holt. It has 50 questions displayed in random order and is based on the 2002 NEC.

Give it a try! >> Code Quiz

Posted By: walrus

Re: New Code Quiz for August - 08/05/02 09:11 PM

Taking the code quizes each month was a help in me passing my Masters on the first shot [Linked Image]. I've had a limited gasoline dispensing electricians license in Maine for 14 years. I decided 3 years ago to take the required classes at night and go for my Masters and it paid off. Certainly don't know what alot of my full time Electrician buddies know but I can learn. My business is the Gasoline field so I won't be going after many Electrical jobs but now I can do service in the stores for my customers beyong the pumps and controls

BTW: got the news today that I passed, send in the 150 bucks and theirs a new man in town [Linked Image]
Posted By: Bill Addiss

Re: New Code Quiz for August - 08/06/02 02:10 AM

Always good to hear!

[Linked Image]
Posted By: pauluk

Re: New Code Quiz for August - 08/06/02 08:24 AM

Took it three times and got 80, 20, 60%.

Looks like I need to keep studying the NEC. [Linked Image]
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