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Major goals of this website include promoting safety, and emphasizing the importance and value of using a Licensed Electrician.

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Electrical Forum for the Trade, sponsored by Electrical Contractor Network
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Recent Topics under Discussion in our Forum:

Re: Extension cords
On that note, here's my latest report:

Just last year, I bought a Kambrook KFH660 (and reviewed it here) -- which as basic as it is, is still a great heater for the price. It's just passed its warranty length, with no functional problems.

However, the pins on its plug already get rather hot (...)

Re: Alternative income sources
You pretty much have to get an inspector's license. Go to the DBPR site for what they want to see these days (I got mine 25 years ago). If you are not very familiar with finding your way around the NEC, the test may be tough but if you get comfortable in there it is a breeze. That will go a (...)

Re: Furnace igniter leaking noise to stereo
May be a silly idea, but are both circuits on RCD?
I suffered a similar problem quite a lot of years ago and gave up in frustration trying to solve it, eventually putting it down to my audio system being "home brewed". In my case I couldn't attribute the source to one item.
Eventually I (...)

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