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Electrical Forum for the Trade, sponsored by Electrical Contractor Network
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Recent Topics under Discussion in our Forum:

Re: Inspections and Testing
That's quite different - in most European countries the contractors are supposed to do all the tests I listed and document the results including the type, serial number and calibration date of the tester that was used. The relevant tests are supposed to be carried out even after minimal (...)

Re: FEMA height and electrical equiment.,

Yes, I forgot to include AC condensers in the elevation thing. Yes they are raised to BFE+ on platforms, that is the responsibility of the Mechanical/Building/Plumbing guys. Yes, it was a pain to inspect the electrical.

Re: This anti-theist is priceless!!!
Yeah, I've seen Gadget Addict's demonstration too. I'm still not filled with confidence in them, though; even if I don't get electrocuted (in a "proper" installation), it bothers me that they have such a powerful (and compact) element, sitting against plastic, with no thermal cut-outs.

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