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There are many authoritative resources for Safety Education. As We become aware of them We will post them here.

From Leviton Institute:

  • Helpful Hints on Home Electricity Vol. 1
    Protect Your Child From Electrical Accidents Safer Lighting Controls For The Elderly 
    Make Your Home Electrically Safe Protect Your Home From Power Surges 
    Inspecting Electrical Cords And Plugs GFCI's Could Save Your Life
  • Helpful Hints on Home Electricity Vol. 2
    Home Office Lighting Can Improve Productivity Special Precautions For Aluminum-wired Houses
    Tips On Plugging Into Greater Outdoor Electrical Safety Easy Ways To Save Dollars On Your Electric Bill
    Motion Detectors Are Key Part Of Home Security System New Digital Timers For The Home
  • Helpful Hints on Home Electricity Vol. 3
    Fight Back On Your Electric Bill 6 Commonly Asked Questions About Older Electrical Wiring
    Lightning is No Friend Of Home Electronics Improper Extension Cord Can Damage  Power Tools
    Home Offices Are Fertile Ground For Electrical Hazards How To Keep Hackers Out Of Your Home Computer
    Add The Final Touches When Redecorating A Room Don't Take Chances - Look For The UL Label

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