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Lightning, Bold and Beautiful!

Photo Taken and Copyrighted by Corey Elliott        

Photo Taken and Copyrighted by Corey Elliott 1997, 98, 99

     As We began researching information to fill these pages, we started reading about Lightning and soon realized what a misunderstood and truly awesome phenomenon it really is. Upon closer examination much of the myths and so-called "common knowledge" surrounding Lightning  are quickly dispelled. Example: During a Lightning Storm you are perfectly safe in your car because of the insulating qualities of the rubber tires... (Don't Count on it!)  Lightning comes .. and goes away with the Storm  (According to sources Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from the Storm! Even before it gets there!)

     There is still much about Lightning that remains a mystery, and even what is "known" is often debated in the Scientific Community.  What is known is that Lightning is one of the most powerful occurrences of Nature known to man and that it's characteristics and behavior are not always predictable and therefore cannot be prevented or always protected against.

Photo Taken and Copyrighted by Corey Elliott 1997, 98, 99
 Photo Taken and Copyrighted by Corey Elliott

     Some of the topics discussed here will include:

  • What is Lightning and where does it come from?
  • Known characteristics and habits
  • Common Beliefs and practices
  • Safety Precautions to take
  • Statistics
  • Areas of research and investigation

     There is a lot of information out there of this Topic, as new sources are found they will be added to these pages. We will try to Categorize and present it as best we can. Contributions of Relevant Material or Suggestions are gratefully welcomed

  Photos Courtesy of  The Lightning Gallery by Corey Elliot