We will be installing our audio/video system in our new church facility. The structure is stick with wood trusses on 2' centers. There is a firewall every 20'. The finish is going to be 5/8 drywall with 18" of blown-in fiberglass on top. We will be running multi-pair 18 awg sheilded conductors for signals and 12 - 10 awg unshielded multi- conductor twisted pair for speakers. The conductors will be PVC jacketed and non-plenum rated. Underground raceway is 2" GRC. Wall raceways are 2" EMT. My question is pertaining to the ceiling space. Can these be run through the trusses to ceiling mounted device boxes without a raceway? They will be secures with staples. (Carefully, of course) I've read article 640 and 725 but I'm still not sure.
Thanks for your help.

Blessings, Mark