Received via e-mail today:

ROSSLYN, Va., August 27, 2003--NEMA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, has released two updated, ANSI-approved standards, ANSI/NEMA OS 1-2003, Sheet-Steel Outlet Boxes, Covers, and Box Supports, and ANSI/NEMA OS 2-2003, Nonmetallic Outlet Boxes, Device Boxes, Covers, and Box Supports. Both are essential industry standards for ensuring compatibility of metal and nonmetallic outlet boxes with standardized wiring devices and conduit and cable systems.
OS 1-2003 covers those general-purpose metal outlet boxes, device boxes, covers, and supports that are widely used by the consumer. They are designed to facilitate the pulling of wires, to protect and facilitate wiring splices and taps, to provide a means of mounting and protecting wiring devices, and to provide a connection for rigid conduit, electrical metallic tubing, armored cable, metal clad cable, nonmetallic sheathed cable, flexible metallic conduit and knob-and-tube wiring systems. Covering the same areas, OS 2-2003 encompasses nonmetallic sheathed cable, nonmetallic tubing, rigid nonmetallic conduit, and electrical nonmetallic tubing.
OS 1-2003 has been updated with the removal of obsolete designs and the addition of soft metric conversions to all dimensions and new requirements for boxes for high and low voltage circuits. OS 2-2003 has added definitions, a conduit and tubing knockout diameter table, soft metric conversions to all dimensions, new requirements for box supports, requirements for boxes for high and low voltage circuits, and more comprehensive marking requirements.
OS 1-2003 may be purchased for $105.00 by visiting, and OS 2-2003 for $63.00 by visiting, or by contacting Global Engineering Documents at (800) 854-7179 (within the U.S.), (303) 397-7956 (international), or (303) 397-2740 (fax).
NEMA is the leading trade association in the United States representing the interests of electroindustry manufacturers. Founded in 1926 and headquartered near Washington, D.C., its 400 member companies manufacture products used in the generation, transmission and distribution, control, and end-use of electricity. Domestic shipments of electrical products within the NEMA scope exceed $100 billion.