Received a packet of info today. It seems there is a new scam in some areas of the southeast. The con men are selling what is purported to be full financial management services for payroll, billing, account collections, tax account payments, etc for a small fee. They gain access to the contractor’s bank account numbers and clean them out and depart for greener pastures. Thus far, only one EC in known to have been scammed but several GC’s and MC’s are in trouble.
Con artists are very effective in parting people from their money. Never forget that they will claim to be experts in whatever field that they are performing their scam and they are well versed in the terminology of the business they are scamming and are extremely articulate in convincing the scamee that they are legitimate and the best in their field.
Always run a D&B, get background checks, and verify every reference through multiple sources. Don’t get scammed! My company always ran credit reports, D&B’s, law enforcement searches, DEA searches, etc. You may be quite surprised with some of the results. More when available.