Fertilizer factory supervisor electrocuted
by Sandasen Marasinghe
A 23-year-old bachelor was electrocuted while working at a Fertilizer factory in Sedawatta. He was pronounced dead at the Colombo National Hospital last week. The victim was employed as a supervisor in the Fertilizer factory. The fertilizer was produced with recycled garbage .The victim worked under an aluminium fittings contractor and had been to the factory to construct some cubicles there. He had taken a long aluminium bar to the upper storey of the factory where it had accidentally touched a loose power line. The victim had screamed and fallen unconscious on the stairs . The others who rushed to the scene had taken him to hospital. But their attempts to revive him proved futile . This was revealed at the inquest held into the death of R. B. Arunashantha (23) of Pelatiyawa, Polonnaruwa before the Additional City Coroner M. Ashroff Rumy. H. B. Samantha Kumara (19) of Polonnaruwa said in evidence that the deceased was his supervisor and while he was working downstairs the supervisor went upstairs with an aluinium bar in hand. Soon after he (witness) heard Arunashantha screaming and found him lying on the stairs unconscious. A. M. Premaratne (28) of Wattala, an uncle of the victim also gave evidence. The Additional City Coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death due to electrocution. Evidence was led by Grandpass Police.