The following images are items submitted by PaulUK - Moderator of the "Non-US Electrical Systems and Trades" area, plus ECN Member "Nick".
Paul sent the "rough" raster images to Nick.
Nick drew the Schematics in AutoCAD, then sent the .DWG files to me for Raster conversion, then uploading here at ECN.

Quite a bit of work behind these drawings!

I will post each of the three drawings + simple text.
If Paul has the time to add some descriptions, that would be cool! Otherwise look in the Non-US systems area for these drawings and descriptions.


Thar' be the Drawings below - Matee'! Ahoy!

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Fig. 1-1: file name = ukold1a.gif

[Linked Image]

Fig. 2-1: file name = ukold2a.gif

[Linked Image]

Fig. 3-1: file name = ukold3a.gif

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